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ANGELINA TEWKSBURY“Clara” 5’ 1” was my baby sister & part of the family. I spend summers at her cottage in Camp Ellis, ME. She surprised us all by making the elephants in the menagerie do drinks at the Shriners Circus when I was 4. She confessed that she used to ride and train the elephants in Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey and Clibeti circuses. She knew Emmit Kelly the iconic clown. Clara was a wonderful warm sweet person who had a positive formative impact on my upbringing. 06/27/2022
LOIS HORTHI am trying to find relatives that are still alive. Lois was my grandmother who I loved dearly.06/27/2022
EMMA J ANDREWSIf anyone could talk to me and give me information about Emma Andrews, I would appreciate it.06/26/2022
DOMINIC DEPASQUALEI am Margot malpher. Dom was my first cousin. His wife Lucy, and two daughters Donna and MaryLou, all of Philadelphia,PA. His mother was my father's sister, Grace Malfa, his father was Anthony dePasquale.06/25/2022
DORA ZOMPADid Dora ever have any children? I’ve found a journal written by her. Please reach out to me 06/24/2022
WILLIAM CHOATEWilliam Cosby Choate, born in OK. Children: Charlotte, Donald, Sandy, C. Joe Choate with Wife Mabel06/23/2022
JOHN DIRKXJohannes Jacobus Dirkx, January 9, 1883, Oosterhout, Province Noord-Brabant,The Netherlands. Philippina Jongenelen (Nagtzaam),mother, geboren op 17 maart 1857 te Standdaarbuiten, trouwt op 4 augustus 1882 te Breda met Simon Dirkx, father, gepasporteerd militair, veldwachter, conducteur, geboren op 17 januari 1851 te Reusel en overleden op 29 juli 1883 te Oosterhout06/22/2022
PAUL MCDERMOTTDid anyone know this person? Please contact me it is important. Thank-you06/21/2022
WILLIAM R STORCKMy Dad. One of 17 children. Most names I recognize and some dates are questionable. Great memories. Family reunions at the Springs in Delavan and a few in Whitewater. 06/20/2022
J E EVANSI would like to see photos of J E Evans Sr, as well as his Obituary, please.06/19/2022
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