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PHILLIP FRENCHThis was my grandfather. Hoping to get info re: my genealogy.01/20/2020
GARY PESTRAKA West Point graduate and tragic parachute accident is the son of Margret and George Pestrak and 01/20/2020
GEORGE M PESTRAKGeorge is the brother of Ann (Geddes) Pestrak and son of Anastasia (Karpenic) Pestrak and Michael Pestrak01/20/2020
ALOIS S ADELMEYERMy Grandfather was Alois Adelemeyer married to Helen Freiburger from Theresa01/20/2020
ALBERT R VANOVERLOOPalbert r. van overloop born April 19, 1915 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium01/19/2020
WALTER BOOTHWalter E. Booth was my grandfather. He had two sons. Kenneth Eugene and Earl Edward. Kenneth had one son and three daughters, Earl had two sons and four daughters.01/18/2020
THOMAS WATSONThomas Beebe Watson, was my grandfather, Alice Watson my Grandmother, Martha Eastwood Noble Watson my grandmother as Alice died just before my birth in 1956. The vast majority of those listed here at this time are my aunts and uncles and cousins. I'm one of the few remaining survivors of this era, most have ended up in different areas over the years. I carry the last name Tassone from my mother Elizabeth's second marriage although it isn't my heritage. In early years I was schooled as Brian Keith Watson, later as Brian Keith Tassone. My mother has son's Norman, Arthur and Warren that were adopted before I was born, then after me was identical twins, One was birthname David Michael adopted name Randy Lee Broadwater he came to see me in 2007. His identical twin was adopted by Andy Watson's Wife when divorced Andy and moved to Rockdale, N.Y. just north of Sidney. I was his supervisor at a company, when I saw his sister who has polio I realized who he was, as his propourted sister, Larry Watson and Bobby Watson sister I knew who he was. I was told both had died. I went out to my aunt's car and showed her the name. She asked me not to tell him so I didn't. My mother had three other children after the twins, Maurice, Lillian and John Edward, Lillian, Maurice and I were placed in foster care, John Edward died at around 20 months old, he's buried in Broad Street Church Cemetery. Other descendants are buried there and throughout the Eastern States. My son Anthony Christopher born November 28, 1982, Died April 23, 1982. Maurice and Lillian were never seen by family since June 1969, my mother passed September 1989, I do know Lillian was married within a few days of moms death. Anyone wants to contact me feel free to do so, I have all of the pertinent histories, truths and misconceptions, and I am the one closest to Thomas Beebe Watson as that's who my earliest years were with. He told me the family histories and family information. A fantastic history with many many surprising boys of info like famous actors, musicians and inventors. If you're a Watson you would be astounded who you're related to contrary of what you been told, we definitely have a history.01/18/2020
DAVID WHALEYTrying to find my great grandfather that lived in Burlington iowa01/18/2020
EVELYN UNKEEvelyn Marie Baker was born on August 25, 1922 to George and Ettie Baker. She passed away on August 29, 1984. Evelyn is survived by 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.01/18/2020
HOWARD C WILLIAMSONCan anyone who knows Howard please contact me. I'm a Private Investigator in Phoenix, AZ and his daughter in seeking info on the Williamson side of her family mainly for Medical and personal for Closure01/18/2020
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